“its like y’all have a cosmic target on your backs”

I met with some friends a few weekends ago out of state, and we were discussing the oil spill and how horrified they were about the effects on Louisiana. We met the day after the goopy stuff began washing ashore and fouling the wetlands.

During the discussion and voicing my feelings of helplessness, my friend verbalized her observation that it seems like Louisiana has a cosmic target on our backs. And she’s right – oil companies raping our wetlands, Katrina, the oil spill, the loss of land, the loss of a culture, its like we are doomed to fail.

But I told her, there is nowhere else where the strength, determination and resilience of a people are ever-present, and that we will never give up hope, because what we have is so worth fighting for. Despite the fact that Admiral Thad Allen was on Face the Nation this morning, saying that this spill might go on into the fall of 2010, we will get through this. We are not out yet, and we will overcome this cosmic blast like we have all the others.

Here is one of our champions, Garland Robinette, on C-SPAN a couple weeks ago, its about 30 minutes long, but worth the look.

Some pictures from the trip back of our “bird’s foot”

yes, we are definitely worth saving, worth fighting for…


~ by maringouin on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

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