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Fox-8 reported yesterday that Jefferson Parish officials commandeered more than 40 BP hired boats sitting idle and put them to work on the spill. And BP has yet to respond, guess they took the fucking weekend off.

Lower Jefferson prepares for the worst with oil
Reported by: Shelley Brown, Weekend Anchor
Contributor: Jon Turnipseed, Photographer
Last Update: 5/22 11:24 pm

JP Councilman says these are BP hired boats idle near Grand Isle (JP Councilman Chris Roberts) Tired of waiting for BP to jump into action, officials in lower Jefferson Parish said Saturday they’ve taken control of more than 40 BP hired boats.

JP councilman Chris Robert told FOX 8 dozens of BP hired boats equipped with skimming devices were idle in the water, waiting on instructions from BP while oil was rushing inland.

“The bottom line is we can’t wait anymore. The people making these decisions, they aren’t from here. They don’t understand the ecology. They don’t understand that people make a living off of these areas to sit back and know that oil is rushing through those passes and allow boats to sit idle, it’s just totally frustrating,” said Roberts.

Due to reports of oil, the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries closed portions of the Barrataria Basin.

Boats returning to Lafitte from Barataria Bay and Four Bayou Pass Saturday showed signs the oil was headed inland. Boat bottoms were covered in the oil.

“It’s probably halfway across Barataria Bay. It’ll be like towards Bay Wilkinson and stuff, which is the very Northern end of Baratari,” said charter boat captain Theophile Bourgeois. He said, “this is probably three to four miles long and probably a mile wide of continuous blobs of gooey tar.”

Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner said he’s been asking BP for protection for days. “It was our understanding that BP was going to have the first line of defense right here along the passes. Well, there’s really nothing there and it’s just pouring in,” said Kerner.

Bourgeois told FOX 8 he saw “one boom.”

Local fishermen meantime filed into the town hall to sign up to help in oil response efforts. Mayor Kerner said Lafitte has plenty of absorbent boom to lay along the shoreline, and that they’d like to deploy hard boom in the bayous, but so far say they’ve yet to see any. What they have will be placed from Wilkinson Bayou on the East to Snail Bay on the West.

Local fisherman say Barataria Bay is probably the richest estuary in the state. “Millions of pounds of shellfish.. I’m talking over 100 million pounds of shellfish is produced in this area. So when BP doesn’t try to stop it (oil) here by the passes, and the federal government lets it up to BP to stop it than shame on somebody,” said Kerner. He said what BP is doing is “failing the U.S. right here in Lafitte.”

Leaders in lower Jefferson fear they’re about to be hit with a worst case scenario.

FOX 8 has left messages for BP to get the company’s response to the claims from JP leaders in Lafitte and Grand Isle. As of Saturday night, BP had not responded.


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