60 million gallons spewed

so far into the gulf according to Bob Marshall

So now, its more than one month since the explosion, and now 72 hours since the thick heavy oil has begun washing up onto Louisiana beaches. Tell me this, where are the responders? Initially BP dragged its feet on prevention, and focused on clean up. Many were outraged at that plan, and begrudgingly BP took some minor prevention measures against oil infiltrating into the marsh. Well that is moot now, since the ooze is permeating the marshes from below. All of a sudden oil magically appeared within the estuaries and now everyone is standing at attention, focused on this disaster.

Alright then, the oil is on Louisiana soil now, and 3 days later there hasn’t been a soul out there to begin the “clean up”. Just a few veterinarians down in Ft. Jackson running a case study in futility, cleaning oiled birds that will eventually wind up dead soon after. We should now be seeing relief workers descending on the marshes in droves, like locusts, mopping up the mess and averting further infiltration into the wetlands.

Billy Nungesser is out there, pleading with the nation for help, and calling his parish affected by the spill all but dead. Think BP is taking him literally, interpreting this as a pass on their moral responsibility to set things straight? And now, BP says they are going to “stick with their oil dispersant, Corexit”?

So where are they? Where are the clean up crews? WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO APPEAR? The oil cancer is eating away at what little is left of our coast and nobody is DOING ANYTHING!!!


~ by maringouin on Friday, May 21, 2010.

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