Aaron Broussard

Growing up, my mother had a passing acquaintance with then Kenner mayor Aaron Broussard. She always spoke highly of him and respected him deeply, calling him the best mayor of Kenner, ever. He even helped her after she retired to get a small part time job to keep her busy a couple mornings a week. She was indebted to him.

However those tables have turned 180 degrees. It seems like the incestuous Jefferson Parish political machine, Kenner included as well as the East and West bank has turned into nothing but a cesspool of political machinery gunning to empty the pockets of unsuspecting Jefferson Parish taxpayers with for starters, the semi-annual tax hike hidden under the cloak of the voting booth curtain. A little millage here, and a smidgen of millage there, plus clockwork elevations in pricing of parish services tucked into the monthly bill and annual property tax hike, and the collective gang-raping of Jefferson Parish citizens’ wallets has spun out of control.

I admit it, I live in da parish. I resided all over New Orleans proper for years, but my love of a very large shaded backyard, deep-set lots with room on the sides, and much more than an arms’ length away from neighbors led me out west, nestled less than a mile from the 17th Street Canal. I love the city, but I love the s-p-a-c-e and quiet even more. The well oiled machine works out here; efficient services, responsive bureaucrats (for the most part), and a government that seems to have the quality of life at the center of their mission. But like all shiny façades, there is degenerative rust underneath, and Mr. Broussard is steering the decaying ship into the abyss.

It took the Times Picayune to bring the rust to the surface, with the spotlight on Tim Whitmer. Mr. Whitmer’s little side insurance company, Lagniappe Industries seems to have been digging its fingers into the cake of the public money pot for quite some time, in addition to soon collecting a taxpayer funded JP retirement to the tune of $172,000 per year for his lifetime. Do the math – Whitmer is 49 years old, and his swill from the taxpayer funded till will need to be bolstered by many more little millages to come.

So the feds are doling out Grand Jury subpoenas by the bucketfuls. I pray that they can get to Whitmer before he begins collection on his sweet little $14,333.33 a month retirement checks. They have until February 2, 2010 and the clock is ticking.

But the one who can redeem himself is Aaron Broussard. Instead of giving Whitmer the boot, he conveniently recused himself from the fray, leaving his next in charge to mete out justice, who is none other than Tim Whitmer himself. Meanwhile the Parish Council is wringing its collective hands at what a horrible situation this is, instead of sending in the troops and manually extracting this man from the public trough. How hard could it be for Broussard to fire Whitmer? Whitmer is young enough, he could work another 20 years, save a retirement fund elsewhere, like all of da parish schmuck taxpayers who are funding his golden parachute while working like dogs until age 70.

Aaron Broussard has a lot on his conscience. People like my mother who respect the man should be deeply disappointed and clamoring for his immediate resignation. Maybe Broussard is trying to ride out the storm until he’s out of office and begins collecting his own retirement bankrolls. But I tell you what, you can’t spend it when you’re in the clink serving out your days until the end of your life…

And in the meantime – take Wally Pontiff’s name off the Old Metairie Playground – I know its named for the son, but the father has forever tarnished the reputation.

Oyster and The Zombie have much more insight on the story.


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