the cat is out the bag

French Quarter Fest has officially been touristized

case in point – an exchange that occurred Saturday in Johnny’s Po-Boys

C “So dude, are you coming down next weekend for Jazz Fest?”

Turista (from Jackson, somewhere) “Hell no, why should I pay $50.00 a ticket when I can get a weekend of music in New Orleans for free?”

I rest my case…


~ by maringouin on Sunday, April 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “the cat is out the bag”

  1. The problem with fests here is that as soon as we get a cool local thing going everyone tries to make it ‘bigger and better’. But once that’s done the tourorists start to show up.

  2. I noticed this weekend an absence of the “New Orleanian” from the festivities – you know the ones that come and have a great time, are dancing everywhere, and strike up conversations without a blink. Not so this weekend, nothing but blank stares and shelled off personalities, the same that has been encountered at Jazz Fest for years.

  3. Actually, New Orleanians don’t show up for Hornet’s games either. There seems to be a strong reluctance to enjoy anything that puts New Orleans on the map. However, they are at Jazz Fest and for $50, there is no deal anywhere in the world where you can get that much entertainment for under $100…well, except over at “Pedro’s Pig Farm and Rub Downs Services” over in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

    Anyway, off to Jazz Fest…..cough cough. Damn that Pedro.

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