baton rouge’s little pre-4/27 tea party

Here’s a little tea bag to toss into the wheels of the tea-parties happening everywhere today – perusing the pre-filed bills in Baton Rouge, one would think that there certainly is no imminent “Bataan Death March” what with all those tax credits, tax exemptions, awards judgments and other nonsense dole outs like that $250 million for new roads.

Of the 463 House bills pre-filed, 203 of them are tax cuts/exemptions/credits. And of the 105 Senate bills pre-filed, 36 are the same. Granted a few of them are repetitive, but wouldn’t one consider most of those tax cuts/exemptions/credits a potential revenue stream that we simply cannot do without? I surely didn’t notice any visionary legislation proposing any new ideas on RAISING new revenue.

Here are a few of them, I stopped saving screen shots after awhile cause it was making me sick.








So who suffers in all this? Education and health care. Not those waiting on litigation money, not businesses getting tax credit handouts, not military or retired sheriffs or retirees getting all kinds of neat little monetary gifts, and not those looking to buy guns and weapons on a 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday.

This year certainly isn’t the year for all these credits, what with the chicken-little-sky-is-falling-Bataan-Death-March rhetoric being casually tossed around…


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.

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