The Louisiana Family Forum’s proposal for congressional redistricting

Courtesy of Daily Kingfish, via Yat Pundit’s tweet

As you can see, they essentially tell the working class and black citizens of Orleans Parish that they no longer deserve to have their own Congressional District, which admittedly, is something that many are saying. But the LFF takes it further … and pushes the Democratic parts of Orleans, not into the First District, which would make so much more sense, from a geographic standpoint, but they take out the only remaining Democratic district, and merge it with the black majority areas of Orleans and Baton Rouge to comply with a request from the Justice Department that there be a majority minority district in Louisiana.

So the Louisiana Family Forum erasers out the only democratic stronghold in Louisiana with their proposed redistricting map. I think its high time someone erasers the LFF instead…

~ by maringouin on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

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