ladders at Endymion

So we went to Endymion, and stood near the beginning. C wanted to see Kid Rock, and we got to the neutral ground on Orleans Avenue about 1pm. By that time, there was a sea of chairs around the stage soundboard.

The other thing scattered around the neutral ground between Carrollton and City Park avenue were well over 50 port-a-potties. This one was near the stage, and the head-bitch-in-charge not only refused a small donation to use it, she began mocking us in front of her group – may the curse of 1000 locked toilets haunt you until you die!

Further down the road we found an entrepreneur who took our small sum to use their pot, since the lines at the City of NO potties were 50 deep. Along Orleans Avenue, we saw the ladders laid out, prepared to be hoisted…

and the most egregious assault of ladders, the ones butt-up next to the barricades, in the middle of the cross street…

By the time the parade rolled, the ladder lizards were in place. It truly is selfish, to trot one’s ladder up to the front and block the view of the parade for everyone else…

and the saga continues…

~ by maringouin on Monday, February 23, 2009.

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  1. D’OH!
    This is NOT what I had in mind when naming my blog!
    Ladders are supposed to Enhance the view –not block the view!

  2. Ah, crap, a toilet and more food and drink than you could ever want were just a block away at Toulouse Street. Damn, I need to get your email and make sure you get the invite next time.

  3. Thanks so much WBG, hope to take you up on the kind offer next time

  4. We still suffered from the ladders, which were much worse at the end of Olympia than last time. I’m going to talk to the Quality of Life officer and let him know in no uncertain terms that if the NOPD is not committed to enforcing the ladder ordinance, we will feel no compulsion to abide by the bonfire deal worked out last year, constrained by all those inconvenient city ordinances.

  5. Feel free to use my pictures WBG – I have a few more if you need them – I think the pics I took were at the corner of N. Murat

  6. I agree. It’s a plague that seems to have festered on Orleans ave and has spread to the UPT in the past years with Endy rolling uptown. I grew up on the ground fighting for my throws and feel that I’m a better person because of it!

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