gotta love them lists

City Hall administration must be experts, especially in the sanitation department – expert manipulators of spreadsheet lists. Said spreadsheets led to demolition of citizens homes. Another example that these lists do not work, Louisiana Demolition not getting paid for carrying out the decree of a particular list. And now the ubiquitous list strikes again – this time in the French Quarter trash debacle of February 2009.

The merchant in the above video nails the major flaw in this tiered service, phantoms are dropping bags of disqualified trash in front of unsuspecting businesses. I can just imagine what is going on in the minds of tourists in the Quarter. Will it get as bad as it did in Naples? Or dare I say, when? Let me venture a guess, February 24, 2009 is the day.

Its all a cover up – the trash debacle diverts attention of the real problems of crime terrorizing the citizens. And Nagin is just relishing the shitstorm of attention. He has the ability to resolve this, but he’s more worried about his “rep” with keeping the council down, than with doing the right thing.

2010 cannot come soon enough…


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, February 3, 2009.

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