the bacon quilt explosion

A Super Bowl picture tutorial (no I didn’t make these, they are from several participants) on how to make the bacon quilt explosion – basic premise is 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage – several versions are listed, combine ingredients to your taste. The constant seems to be using good thick cut bacon, roll the inner ingredients then wrap the bacon quilt around it, and cooking it all on a rack so the bacon juices don’t soak the roll. Average cooking times are 250-275 degrees cooked over 2 to 2 1/2 hours. If you want to smoke it on a pit, then go with 225 degrees cooked 1 hour per inch of thickness.

and now the pictures

first 8 pictures – bacon sausage combo

next 6 pictures – bacon ground meat combo

next 4 pictures – bacon boudin combo

next 3 pictures – bacon chicken combo

last 4 pictures – a sweet bacon explosion using chocolate rice crispies treat, butterscotch drops, chocolate chips, sugared walnuts, rolled up and covered with chocolate sauce

other versions include a sausage shrimp combo, and various ingredients like jalapenos, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, pork tenderloin, shallots, etc., etc., etc…

great hangover food if you ask me


~ by maringouin on Monday, February 2, 2009.

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