Travel Channel Man vs. Food 1-28-2009 @ 9pm CST

So the Travel Channel posted on the gumbo z’herbes thread about the Man vs. Food New Orleans episode tomorrow night at 9pm on Cox 66.

Here are the details of the show

Is this week’s episode of Man v. Food going to be big? You bet. Is it going to be easy? No way. Tomorrow Adam travels to the Deep South to visit New Orleans.

First stop is Mother’s Restaurant where Adam chows down on a classic: the po’ boy sandwich. This isn’t your average sandwich! Find out what makes up “Ferdie’s Special”. Next, Adam travels to Bucktown to try some of Nola’s best seafood at Deanie’s. Can you say barbecue shrimp?

Finally, Adam faces what may be his hardest challenge yet: the 15-dozen oyster challenge at Acme Oyster House. 150 people have tried this challenge, but only 28 have succeeded. Will a little voodoo help Adam succeed?

Looks interesting, check it out…


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