black eyed peas and cabbage

What does your January 1st meal signify? Around the country there must be variations on the traditional meal used to start off the new year. I dined in Georgia once on the 1st and was served collard greens, Hopping John, a variation on black eyed peas and some of the fluffiest cornbread imaginable. Another time New Years was begun in Puerto Rico and dinner consisted of some form of beans, some kind of greens and mofongo.

But when cooking at home, the meal is always black eyed peas and cabbage. Since C is leaving tomorrow and I will be solo on 1/1/2009, a small dish of coleslaw to accompany it will hopefully suffice instead of the smothered cabbage. Too much cooking in the past 2 weeks and keeping it simple wins out this time. Off to boil the ham bone…


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, December 30, 2008.

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