cooking up a storm

I went to Octavia Books on Saturday to purchase the Times Picayune cookbook “Cooking Up a Storm”. The authors Marcelle Bienvenu and Judy Walker were present doing a signing between 12 and 3. They came in at noon and immediately began signing cookbooks. I thought they might say a few words, but it was all business.

When Judy Walker signed my book, I thanked her for corresponding via e-mail with me about a different she wrote in her Exchange Alley column several months back. She was very nice and excited that the cookbook was selling so well, especially in the national market. Seems like women around the country were interested in reading about the loss of and re-establishing of cherished recipes cooks all over New Orleans and south Louisiana experienced. Read here a story on the book from the Kansas City Star.

Ms. Walker said that Cooking Up a Storm already has gone to a second printing. Pretty impressive, no? It will make the perfect Christmas gift for the cook in your life.

Another book available is the NOPSI (now Entergy) cookbook compilation of all those old recipes, entitled “From Woodstoves to Microwaves”. If you are interested in purchasing this book, it was available a couple weeks ago at the United Way at 2515 Canal St. The books are at the receptionists window and you can write a check for however many you would like. I’d call the United Way first to make sure they still have some in stock – (504) 822-5540.


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  1. You have been tagged. I am doing this just because I honor my word and don’t want to be a party pooper. Charlotte (aka Sweet Feet) over at casa de Charlotte della luna tagged me and I think it is not only fair and polite to honor this request, I feel it is a duty.


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  2. My dahling D-BB – I’ve already participated in the recent round of tag floating around the NOLA blogosphere – do I do this again?

    I could participate in the newd photo portion (#7) however I am a chicken and have never had said newd taken – how about a pretty painting instead?

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