dumping patients – part 1

So the gubner wants to dump the low income health care consumers onto private insurers? Poor people will not be able to pay for their care when they get that letter from those private HMO’s, preferred providers or whatever else you want to call the health insurance “fleecing” industry, informing them their bill is not covered. This will wind up being a massive burden on Louisiana hospitals, since the health insurance industry is incapable of paying out claims. Then Louisiana hospitals will get picked off one by one like ducks during hunting season. Then who is going to pay? The TAXPAYER. And where will the sick go?

The mastermind behind this is Alan Levine, the former department head of health and hospitals for the state of Florida, where the same type of indigent insurance initiative failed miserably, considering it hung out to dry the most vulnerable of that state’s population. And Levine’s opinion of the medical community isn’t that great, considering he wanted to set limits to medical residencies.

The craziest comment about Levine comes from topix.com Levine resigns a job that pays him almost $700,000.00 per year in South Florida to accept a job that pays him less than $150,000.00 per year in Louisiana? There is more to this story. If Levine was a superstar, he would have received better offers.

This appears to be the first of many initiatives that will begin to eek out of Baton Rouge in the legislative off season. And it sounds like a socialist reform with a no win solution. Maybe lawyers should be forced to buy into a performance based compensation package…


~ by maringouin on Friday, November 14, 2008.

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