The 44th

President of the United States

~ by maringouin on Thursday, November 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi Maringouin!
    Haven’t been around in a while, and now that we have managed to change the color of the White House, throw a little Soul in’dat Bowl, Rock da’Vote and Roll wit’da Peoples like a Hurricane…I’m just so happy you could slam my dick in a car door and drag me down the street and I would still die laughing.
    So, what do we all talk about now? HA!
    How about wetlands, or vanishing mosquito coasts, or that little picture thingy in your right misthead of the Wagon Wheel of Chawnee Bay.
    I have always wondered what that was since first laying an eye on the mosquito coast –until today as we worked around the story of the Corps wanting to close that Diversion Project down by Venice.
    All this time I had scoured my mapia fetishes looking for whateva the hell that thing was in the pic here… (oyeah you know Editilla big map monster’masher freak)(failed geographer)(errant troubadour)(bourgeois nievete) …and just had not found it. I knew I had seen that crop’circle-lookin piece of real estate somewhere, like way back in my memory from a helicopter ride on the way to a rig, lo decades ago working off’shore… or some’ting like that.
    Soooo, I was whippin’it wit’da trusty WikiMapia to get down on this story for da’Ladda –and there you were! The Mosquito Coast! Damn! Hidden like a proper pirate cove.

    Sooo whadd’ya think? Is the mosquito coast the remnants of an ancient impact zone? Were those circular canal/island/marshland/thingies dug there? How did it come to take that conic shape given the surrounding antediluvian crows’footed congrooviences of land and sea, the very edges of chaos where all da’happenes at?

    And ultimately it is all washing away.
    The top lede in today’s Ladder is about Team Geauxbama diverting their fund’raising machinery to benefit Hurricane Gustav survivors. Apparently they did this even before the federally required fund’raising cut-off date of Nov 4th… and crashed the Red Cross’ server in 15 minutes. They also never said anything about this during the official campaign. I t’ink that is pretty fucking cool. I also think this gives us a Golden Opportunity to maybe have our Voice of the Wetlands heard by the first Black President in the White House!
    Maybe we won’t have to say goodbye to the mosquito coasts.

    it just don’t git any better, eh?

  2. “I’m just so happy you could slam my dick in a car door and drag me down the street and I would still die laughing”

    Dude? You had me fooled, I thought you were a chick

    Anyway, I saw that circular monument near Venice, LA. to oil field trash online and scoured the interwebs for a picture, but alas I could not find one. I had to clip a pic off Google Earth and Adobe it down to fit it in the column. It is a monument to the colossal earth raping by the oil and gas industry of our coastal lands and a black eye reminder to stay the course on restoring and rebuilding what we can of the gret stet.

  3. Pronouns seem to matter more often in the City That Care Forgot, Noble Mon, soz I try to use’em sparingly. They don’t always apply either. Just think, if I had said “…slam my tongue in a tailgate and tow me t’ru a turn’row in Texas…” you’d think you were still dealing with some dumb bird. HA!
    I mean… how do you know I’m not just doing the reverse-gender thing to mask my identity for self protection? It’s possible, ya’neva know… can’t be too careful around here (obviously:)
    How’bout I seem to be a verb and leave it at that?

    The thing about your picture is that it might be naturally formed geography. I would like to know more.
    The area in question regarding the wetlands diversion that they now want to cease to accommodate shipping (goddamn it) is just a few miles from there, along the river (as reported in the paper etc). That diversion project is one of the few “smart” things they were doing at that coastal “shelf” there.
    You are so right about the landscape.
    But that circular lake is so weird. It is renowned for good fishing.

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