Louisiana GOPer party censuring Newell Norman and Jack Strain over their endorsement of Mary Landrieu

What is WRONG with the GOPers? Acts of desperation, plain and simple – this alone will drive votes away from Kennedy…

Sheriffs displeased that Landrieu endorsement drawing criticism
08:20 PM CDT on Monday, October 13, 2008
Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

A couple of Louisiana’s most popular sheriffs are unhappy that the state Republican Party is considering ways to formally censure officials who go against the party line in major elections.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand and St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain feel they are the target of the criticism for their endorsements of Senator Mary Landrieu in the upcoming election over Republican candidate John Kennedy.

“When I became a Republican, I did not know that meant there was a blood oath to the Republican Party and that other people would decide for me who was best for the job,” said Normand Monday.

Roger Villere, the head of the State GOP organization said a formal censure would have to wait until after the election because there are no rules in the party’s bylaws for such a move, but he is clearly not pleased that such high profile GOP officials have supported Landrieu publicly.

“We are very disappointed that a number of Republican officials have come out and endorsed Mary,” he said. “She did a good job in PR. She worked hard in Washington on issues that would affect her back here in Louisiana, but yet she voted for the liberal leadership that worked against the very issues that she was supporting.”

While the state party can’t take action against those who supported Landrieu, the St. Tammany Republican Executive Committee has passed a formal resolution, criticizing the seven elected officials in the parish who endorsed Landrieu, including Parish President Kevin Davis and Sheriff Strain.

“When you have a person in office who has worked hard and earned your support, it’s kind of difficult to tell them no and blindly follow a party mandate,” said Strain. “I am a Republican. Everything I believe and do represents the Republican Party. I am as pro-John McCain and Sarah Palin as you can be.”

Political Analyst Clancy DuBos said the discussion of sanctions or penalties may hurt Kennedy even more by reminding the public that those high-profile GOP officials have endorsed Landrieu.

“That whole round of endorsements, which have occurred over the last six months is suddenly back in the news,” he said.

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  1. huh? What happened to freedom of choice?

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