the GOPers are mad

They had their chance over the last 8 years. The war is a failure and the economy is collapsing, yet they are pissed cause Obama is in the lead (as of today)?


and here’s confirmation that racism is alive and well in Pennsylvania

and Ohio isn’t lacking either

“Refuse his questions unless he offers them in writing to you”

Ignorance is not bliss in America

Epilogue: In all fairness, here is another perspective, pretty sad commentary by the videographer nonetheless

~ by maringouin on Sunday, October 12, 2008.

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  1. The first 3 videos were McCain-Palin supporters in their own words. The maker of the last video imposed his own words and interpretations on those who do not support McCain and Palin; who ever said that progressives can’t boo and jeer and throw the middle finger at people? They weren’t trying to disrupt the McCain-Palin rally. They were exercising their freedom of speech also to a group of people who intentionally marched through that neighborhood to provoke those who don’t agree with them.

  2. The blonde chick in the third video looks like a new Ann Coulter in training – if only she had an Adams Apple. .

  3. Thanks for a rational explanation EJ

    Jim, read the replies on blogger interrupted if you have a minute

    folks like the blonde are dangerous and the man shooting the video is taking his life in his hands going into hostile territory

    McCain is a fool for not trying to settle his supporters down.

  4. Bless your Saintful heart.
    My fav was the last one in New York and my fav statement regarded the ratio of “Fingers to Phds” in that neighborhood. Yes, some of the smartest people that I know are giving the finger to the little bastard, flipping off the Bourgeois Nievete, sticking it high to the minions of the dark side. Yes, we are the Children of Rock and Roll, of perchance a Lesser God but Loud none the less. We stomp the hell out of mendacity and the spread of Gray from the Great Nothing. Grrrr…

    Here is a little ditty I wrote for OpEd News upon His DickTater’s last visit to the City.
    An intro…
    ~Editilla Motellas~
    It was that day, a day of Infamy.
    His FuckMookness flew over our City in a Big Pellitopter!
    We were on the fire escape doing the usual thing of so many, days into the flood, nothing …just watching the city burn, middle of the day, hotter than a well digger’s ass in Hell, really hot and my 2nd floor view is directly West at the bottom of Elysian Fields rat’by the River.
    The only radio was tuned to the only radio broadcast, out of Baton Rouge, which was only broadcasting cell phone calls for help from people whoever could get through from their attics, out of insulin, covered in fire ants, snakes and injured ankles trying to Kick through that little spinning vent in the roof of stinking, fetid darkness in the middle of the day live on the radio, so sad now
    –when suddenly the radio disappeared, just went static.

    Take care and keep on swinging this Fine Hammer, this Finger of da’Goddess.
    Sinn Féin

  5. Editilla, I must ask – and I’m not trying to be an asshole – but do you work? The sheer volume of blogging you produce and the assorted commentary left in the rounds of the 300 must be awfully time consuming – I stand in awe. I barely have time to post and surf the nolabloggers twice, maybe 3 times a week and you are omnipresent.

    And no, you don’t have to answer that question…

  6. uuummmm…errah, yeah I work. And yes, I do sacrifice some’dat to do some’this, which is foolish, but you matter that much.
    It also helps me dance around the question of to be or not in the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente Left for Dead.
    My rent is still veiled.

    I don’t own a television? Or at least I have a borrowed little one for when the Saints are on and lately baseball…where they run home.

    I don’t take medication? And perhaps should? But reading nola bloggers is cheaper trust us?
    Truly though, after RT2 I got my own computer and began to look around the country in earnest, only to realize that 99.9999% of the American Blog’0’reamery can (and will) just go fuck itself to put it nicely. Ain’t even on the same race track.
    Then launched The Ladder on Nov 11th, one year to the day after running from Rita after running from the Flood after running from that first week of crazy shit…onto the long road home, the back hand path.
    Really though, it has kept me out of McDonald’s with an armload of throwin pies. At least I no longer scream at people in check-out lines. That close.

    Blogger Social Theory is becoming a questionable fetish for me. There, I admitted it. To be or not. HA!

    I do not know this “300” of which you referenced. It sounds like a partay of Spartans at a disco, dressed in hardhat construction and first responder outfits, pumping to the song YMCA: N-O-L-A..NNNNN-O-L-A! But hey, count me in!
    That said, I find y’alls blogrolls to be like diamonds hanging in the lighthouse window. Whenever I see The Ladder there too it just thrills Editilla to no end. That is where you will find me the most. If feels good seem half’assed welcomed, if even full’assed intimidated most of the time.


  7. Nice reply – and yes, I agree, venting via this outlet is much cheaper than Zoloft and/or psychoanalysis

    The “blogger 300” was coined by another NOLA blogger – when the moniker was created, there were ~ 300 bloggers listed on Think Nola, and it was around the same time that the movie 300 came out

    I need to kill my TV, it might increase my productivity, plus save me a ton of cable fees

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