Want to know what is wrong with America today? No sign of the federal government or the ACoE below, fend for yourselves. The feds would rather rebuild Iraq levees than rebuild levees for the benefit and safety of American citizens. I’ve never seen Iraqi’s dumping sandbags on their levees, yet these south Louisiana natives are working tirelessly and fearlessly to ward off the water. Watch these…

September 1, 2008 Plaquemines Parish

September 1, 2008 Plaquemines Parish, failing Braithwaite levee

September 11, 2008 Leeville, Lafourche Parish

September 11, 2008 Plaquemines Parish, Ike preparations

September 11, 2008 Lafitte, Jefferson Parish

September 11, 2008 Lafitte storm surge preparations

September 12, 2008 noon Chauvin, Terrebonne Parish levee preparations

September 12, 2008 noon Lafitte, Jefferson Parish storm surge

September 12, 2008 6pm Lafitte, Jefferson Parish storm surge

September 12, 2008 6pm Montegut, Louisiana in lower Terrebonne Parish

and here are few videos from Cypremort Point, Erath and Delcambre, in south-central Louisiana

September 12, 2008 Delcambre, Louisiana

September 12, 2008 Vermilion Parish

September 12, 2008 Cypremort Point, Vermilion Bay

And lastly, the final plea, the end of the road, the exasperation, desperation and ultimatum to the feds and the ACOE from Billy Nungesser to build the levees in Plaquemines Parish.

Look at all these hard working coastal people fighting to save their land, fighting to preserve their families, fighting to protect their livelihoods. Now if that isn’t patriotic or isn’t considered family values then this country is beyond hope. These people are out there on their own accord trying to hang on for their lives struggling against mother nature, who was let in through the back door of chopped up marshlands, wrecked by oil and gas for profit and not for balance.

Forget Iraq, forget Mrs. Smoke and Mirrors Sarah Palin, and forget the red tape, the Feds, the military and the state of Louisiana must cease the bullshit and build all of south Louisiana some strong damn levees and restore the wetlands behind them, NOW.

sinn fein, ourselves alone


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