your degree probably did not confer meteorology too

There are those that say Jindal did a great job last week in the Gustav disaster and there are those who think he was just doing his job. I definitely see merit in both arguments.

However I do not think that Jindal, nor any politicians in the gret stet for that matter were conferred degrees in meteorology. News conference after news conference after news conference displayed politician after politician prognosticating over the looming storm, predicting destruction beyond compare, and the notation that Gustav was the “mother of all storms”.

Well Gustav was a man, and if the public is looking to glean their weather information they are smart enough to get it from someone certified to deliver it. I listened intently to most all the news, and heard it while evacuated since we were close enough to New Orleans to get the radio signal and the majority of weather information presented by Jindal, et al. were reports over 6-12 hours old. Storm tracks change quickly, that is why the NHC provides updates every 3 hours when a hurricane threatens the continental United States. For a politician to come on air on Sunday morning, and spit out regurgitated, old weather information from the night before that scares the bejesus out of its citizens is flat out wrong. Yeah, you, the politician, you may want your people to leave, but lying to them is not an end to your means.

So next hurricane, spare us the weather report…


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, September 10, 2008.

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