If it weren’t for two elderly octogenarians that begged me to take them to higher ground, I would have rode out Gustav. I was purposely trying to avoid C. Ray’s proclamations of “the mother of all storms” and Broussard’s patronizing attitude towards his citizens assuming 100% of them are complete blithering idiots, and had decided to ride it out early Sunday morning thanks to the emotionless findings of NHS and Weather Underground.

But alas, the ones in power succeeded in frightening the elders in my family and I had no choice but to pack the car and get out. I still had no idea where I was going, and I got onto the Causeway bridge hoping to make my decision by the time I reached Mandeville. Krystal Boothe of WWL-TV said that Hwy 190 was open to I-10, as well as I-10 west to Baton Rouge was flowing smoothly. The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck in the I-59 contraflow, and I felt my heart palpitating and my stomach churning until Krystal helped me plan my path. I have friends both in Baton Rouge and Hancock County, MS, and I am very thankful I chose to go east after hearing of the destruction red stick endured.

So we camped out and every minute spent in the heat without electricity is worth not being stuck 6, 7, 8 hours away from New Orleans. Plus we were still able to get WWL radio instead of being at the mercy of the inane blather of inaccurate cable news. We tried to get back in Monday night, leaving Hancock County about 6:30 pm, but we got caught in between the sideways rain and the tornado dancing over Lake Catherine, which turned us back to Mississippi. Tuesday morning’s weather was less severe, and we headed out the reverse direction and sailed across the Causeway, flashing a credential that allowed us early access to the southshore.

The cleanup then begun, and we were blessed with power on Thursday morning. Still no internet and I type this in one of the generous coffee shops that offer free wireless. Listening to the stupid politicians all week on radio fighting and complaining of lack of FEMA support just about sucked the life out of me. I feel exhausted, not sure I can endure this again next week. But I think the elders are convinced to stay, unless the “mother of all storms” really comes round this way.

So don’t cry wolf again, cause the next time when it really matters you stupid politicians will have the blood of your citizens on your hands to carry on your consciences forever. We, the constituents, the ones that count, are smarter than you think.


~ by maringouin on Saturday, September 6, 2008.

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