“she needs to be making cookies and taking care of her special needs child”

In a bout of 4am insomnia and already overloaded on Gustav talk, and while waiting for the sun to come up so I could mow the grass I was zoning out to C-SPAN. There was discussion on McCain’s choice for VP, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. She is 44 years old, has 5 children, and has been governor for 2 years. My initial reaction to hearing this yesterday was disbelief. McCain who’s record on female issues isn’t stellar chooses a woman, a relative newcomer to politics to be a heartbeat away from POTUS.

I don’t agree with her ideology and truly think that some depraved GOPer decided that having a woman would appeal to those less intelligent who strictly look at a woman on the ticket instead of digging deeper to discover her platform. That alone could steer votes away from Obama superficially. Plus the sub-conscience slap in the face to the female that lost the Democratic endorsement is just plain nasty. I’d like to think that the average American is intelligent enough to be discriminating in their choice for POTUS, but knowing how most are too busy to investigate who is running for office, and knowing women that would choose a candidate based on the color of their campaign signs, my faith in voters wanes. And how ironic would it be if the party that champions women, the working class, the poor and promoting domestic social issues fails to propel a female into the second highest office of the USA initially.

The announcer on C-SPAN taking calls answered the phone from a caller in Georgia. And when I heard him say, “she needs to be making cookies and taking care of her special needs child”, it solidified the fact that a woman president will not reach the White House as long as commercials of women baking cookies and mopping floors as one example, reinforces the stereotype of women as acquiescing to men and conceivably incapable of commanding the highest office in the land. With Palin as veep though, there is an interesting scenario that could topple that mold, especially if McCain/Palin wins (God forbid). And how ironic would it be if the political party that champions womens’ rights, the working class, the poor, and promotes domestic issues fails to put a woman in the second highest office of the USA first.

So after this segment, what comes on next but author Amanda Ripley discussing Gustav. I’m going outside to sweat…


~ by maringouin on Saturday, August 30, 2008.

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