storm surge

The main numbers I care about are the predicted storm surge. I have ear plugs to shut out the howling winds, but the water is the determining factor. I have yet to see any predictions on storm surge, probably have to wait until 3 days out. According to this, storm surge varied from 8-12 feet along Lake Pontchartrain. Official storm surge was 28 feet between Pearl River and Bay St. Louis, but unofficial reports had it as high as 35 feet.

I do NOT want to evacuate. I don’t want to be on the road, scrambling for lodging, hauling 3 elderly family members around in a tiny car. I do not want to be locked out from my home because some asshole bureaucrat thinks its better for me to stay away for God knows how long. I am perfectly capable of living in the heat and preparing my food and defending my own property. The house is on one of the few ridges in the city, but I know that’s cold comfort when a wall of water is staring you in the face. But in all likelihood, I am probably going to cast my die and wait it out at home. Unless it gets above category 3, then it will be a last minute call to ditch. It doesn’t help things that we are all expecting company, 2 family members and a friend from out of town for the Labor Day weekend. Then it will turn into a caravan.

I need some Valium to survive this shit…


~ by maringouin on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

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  1. We in the far north are thinking of you and we all hope for the best.

  2. Thanks Jim – we need all the divine interventions possible along the coast

  3. Let’s keep praying.

  4. The storm is still in its early stages so predictions of storm surge height would be almost total speculation. Storm surge height is driven by several factors, including the diameter of the eye, wind speed, forward speed and differential pressure between the eye and surrounding atmosphere. You’ll probably start to see predictions of storm surge height once the hurricane gets past Cuba.



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