Rising Tide III

RT III at Zeitgeist today was quite a stimulating event. So stimulating that two participants came to fisticuffs in the lobby by the Octavia Books tables. I heard the ruckus just as the second panel on education was wrapping up if I recall correctly. C was in the back and witnessed it 2 seconds after the punches were landed. I saw Loki walking around after with a swollen face. Glad it didn’t end up with the NOPD being summoned.

I had this weird premonition beforehand of C. Ray dispatching his police in force to arrest all the “amateur investigators” inside Zeitgeist, a la busting the bar for underagers, just like he sent his health department to inspect one of the clinics AFTER said clinic went public on all those blatantly absent Ryan White HIV/AIDS funds. Even one of the panelists commented on blogger anonymity and the threat of “taking down license plate numbers”, perhaps during the journalism segment. Thank gawd the melee calmed down after cooler heads prevailed and interveners intervened…

All of the panel presenters and the keynote speaker John Barry were awesome. The only thing missing were the communists. I left with the feeling that the blogger 300 together do and will make a collective difference in the outcome of New Orleans’ future. Rising Tide contributes to the solidarity we all need to forge on. Keep up the good fight…

~ by maringouin on Saturday, August 23, 2008.

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  1. Hey, who runs that 300 person blogroll you posted to? It’s got the wrong email address for my blog.

  2. The e-mail on the 300 webpage lists mominem at mindspring dot com AKA http://fematrailer.blogspot.com/

    but I thought this man ran the 300 page?


    not much of an answer, but that might set you in the right direction

    thanks for posting the cartoon Clay, saved me from searching YouTube

  3. Such a pleasure to meet you today. It was nice to put a face to a name I read daily.

    As for the license plates – I didn’t hear anything about anyone taking down license plate numbers during the Saturday conference, but they were mos def being noted during the protest outside the Ritz-Carlton…because I know the person who told me he/she did it. Those license-plate takings cut both ways, you know.

    As for your note about the Gambit HIV/AIDS investigation: You’re not the only one who noticed. I woke up on Saturday to some good news about it…it’s on the Gambit blog as a blind item.

    Hope it isn’t another year before we see each other. Best, K.

  4. Actually fisticuffs denotes a fight. I was struck twice in the face. I did not hit him back. I was cocked back to do so out of self defense when people, fortunately, intervened. I am sorry the resulting adrenaline and foul humor kept me from hanging out and talking to you more.

  5. I am glad that it all worked out and didn’t result in the NOPD storming the Zeitgeist. Battery never solves anything, but having the police presence would have catapulted the entire scene to a completely different level that could have possibly shut down the event.

    I am sorry you were hit, but this is not an apology for the person who hit you – rather a regret that the situation came to this. If you like I can change the use of fisticuffs in the post.

    All of your online endeavors appear to generate a lot of traffic and buzz, and I hope you continue the virtual fight like the rest of the NOLA bloggers, for the utmost benefit to the city.

  6. Wow. The story of this fist fight sure does seem one-sided.
    Why isn’t anyone defending Alan?
    I don’t see Alan going around telling everyone how passive-aggressively unstable Loki is obviously behaving right now.
    Haven’t heard one word from anyone as to Alan’s side of this problem, least of all Alan. And it is a problem if all we are getting is Loki’s word on what went down between them.

  7. I don’t know, I’m sure Alan is capable of posting the events from his own perspective – whether or not he chooses to comment remains to be seen

  8. I heard Alan is in Austin right now busy with another networking conference. I am not worried about Alan.
    As Loki has pointed out, I was not there. But I am here on the blog’o’sphere and he has smeared a fellow blogger who I respect a great deal for the incredible work that blogger has already done in getting me this far in the first place. I don’t like anyone hitting a nola blogger. This is not fun for me, as I don’t do one-sided back-handing. Loki either needs to come off the goods and do a proper post or stop trying to deny his equal role in this row and stop attempting to frame Alan as “a highly unstable individual”. None of us know what happened, but Loki and Alan.
    I have dealt a few times with Alan since the last RT conference when we met and have always found him to be absolutely straight up and not inclined to this sort of behavior that I see coming from Loki.
    Whatever drove a GIS computer geek to use his fists I would like to know about. But if they wanted to keep it amongst themselves then that would be fine too. But what we have here is Not Fine, nor Fine’. Alan struck Loki at the bloggers’ conference. So now Loki strikes Alan on the blog’o’sphere and here is where it happens to be public as well. We’re talking about ALAN here. Our Alan.

  9. I maintain the blog roll, please email me a correction and one day I’ll get around to it. Theres and email link on the page.

  10. Does anyone know where Gentilly Girl was? I didn’t see her there…

  11. She was moving back into her house this weekend, as was Michael Hohman. I missed them, but I’d be moving too if it were me.

  12. Well good for her, I know it has been a long arduous process getting rebuilt – GG was missed – not sure of Michael’s situation – if he was rebuilding too – also missed…

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