Recall Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price

A concerted effort to recall the recalcitrant mayor of Mandeville has begun at Mandeville Recall. With all of the recalls that cried wolf back in the spring, this one has some teeth to it, probably because of the appalling behavior of Eddie Price. Pass the link along and sign the petition if you live in one of the Mandeville zip codes. Might not be that hard to collect the ~2,700 signatures needed to kick Price to the curb.

~ by maringouin on Friday, August 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Recall Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price”

  1. where can I sign the recall petition? I live in Fontainebleau subdivision, I want to help get the signatures.

  2. Vicki, here is the blog post about the recall

    and the contact e-mail for more information and to volunteer

    I live on the south shore, but I am trying to help the effort by cross posting the information – thanks for asking

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