Some pictures from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Nothing like a trip to the mountains to set everything straight

~ by maringouin on Tuesday, August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Some pictures from the Blue Ridge Mountains”

  1. thanks for the pictures. we were supposed to go there last month but the gas prices kept us close to home. hope you enjoyed!!

  2. We stayed in cheap hotels, round $60 a night and gas cost about $175. We drove slow (65-70 mph) in order to conserve gas and got around 32 mpg. Did some hiking and tooled around Asheville a bit.

    We did splurge and stayed at the Pisgah Inn on the BR Parkway one night, it was about $100. They just remodeled it and it is beautiful.

    Temps were around 50 at night. A sweet respite from the heat! Glad you enjoyed the pictures…

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