Blackie Campo rest in peace

One thing about living on the mosquito coast, there are many, many men who live their lives connected to the sea. I hear them on occasion when they call in to talk radio to make a humble commentary to the announcer of the moment on whatever environmental topic is being discussed. These men (and women too) hold a unique insight into the environment of south Louisiana and the subtle changes that make the coast ebb and flow in concert with nature. They call in with their silent strong voices, and without emotion or arrogance speak a few sentences that usually blow the “experts” opinions beyond credibility, the so called experts that have spent a fraction of time in the waters that coastal men and women live and breathe every day…

One of those men died today. Blackie Campo, the legendary fisherman and marina owner of St. Bernard Parish, passed away today at the age of 90. The local media has made mention of his passing public, both Frank Davis at WWL-TV and the Times Picayune provided dignified homage to the life of a true sportsman. I remember the story of the Campo men during Katrina, and how they rode out the storm atop the levee. I remember watching him struggle with the decision to reopen his boat dock, and was happy to see his return. I remember many a time driving down to Shell Beach to fish the bountiful waters he loved so dearly. I heard that on the day of his funeral, his sons put a fishing rod and reel in his casket to take with him to fish the great waters in heaven.

Rest in peace Blackie Campo, Godspeed to the great fishing waters in heaven above.

With deepest condolences to your loved ones.

~ by maringouin on Thursday, July 10, 2008.

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  1. My family housed a boat at Blackie’s place in Shell Beach for many years. I’m proud to say that we knew the Campo family very well at one time and I am honored to have eaten at the Campo table many times. Mr. Blackie, as I called him, and the entire family are among the nicest and most genuine I’ve ever met. Rest in Peace, Mr. Blackie. My most sincere condolences and best wishes for the family.

  2. A good friend in St. Bernard passed away last Tuesday — due to delays for family members to arrive from out of state and out of the country, his wake ended up on the same night as Mr. Blackie Campo’s. We arrived to see every available parking space taken and sheriff’s deputies in full regalia serving as an honor guard. There was a line of visitors that extended through the funeral home, out the lobby, across the driveway and beyond, all patiently waiting to pay their respects and offer condolences to the family. A rock star or head of state should be so lucky as to have such a turn-out. I saw friends from Lakeview, who I would swear never got closer to a fish than a dish of courtboullion, waiting in the line.
    I have read the articles about Mr. Camppo, and truly regret that I never had the chance to meet him. What a lovely, lovely man.

  3. WWL-TV just had a story on the noon news concerning his funeral – he was truly a south Louisiana icon whose presence will be missed…

  4. We are going to miss Mr Blackie terribly. There will not be a time, that we go fishing that we will not think fondly of him. God bless him and his family.,

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