March in Baton Rouge – Monday July 7, 2008 2pm – 4pm – CANCELLED

Stephen Sabludowsky over at Bayou Buzz is leading an anti-pay raise march on the Louisiana Capitol in Baton Rouge on Monday July 7, 2008, the day before the deadline for PBJ to veto the pay raise.

This march has been cancelled since PBJ vetoed the lege pay raise

Creationism, chemical castration for rapists, HUGE paychecks for PBJ staffers and the elected leges, private school vouchers, what the hell is wrong with the pols in Baton Rouge? I guess they forgot THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF like the lower half of Louisiana is falling off into the Gulf of Mexico, and well over half of New Orleans and along the coast, residents are still rebuilding their lives from natural disasters. How about some relief for the people, maybe a little coastal restoration, some tough action against thieving building contractors, bulking up the state ethics enforcers, adequate funding of ALL LEVELS of education for EVERYONE, HEALTH CARE INITIATIVES and a couple of new hospitals, yada, yada, yada…

never a dull moment in the gret stet…


~ by maringouin on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

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