I almost missed this one

Dennis Woltering of WWL-TV interviews two women on creationism in Louisiana this past Sunday morning

Dr. Barbara Forrest cites Dr. Charles Voss in her comments as the one behind SB 733, here is a .pdf written by Dr. Voss for your perusal. And Ms. Magee of the Louisiana Family Forum questions why only evolution is taught and not alternatives, such as creationism – she states teaching only evolution is a “bias” and other theories, ie. religious concepts such as human origins should be introduced to students. She also questions global warming, a la Rush Limbaugh. And like a good little fundamental conservative, Ms. Magee refused to name her SELU biology professor that paid her such a disservice in her college biology education. Dr. Forrest then called poor Ms. Magee “misguided”.

gawd help us…


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, May 27, 2008.

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