Fred Radtke gets the beat down from Judge Sean Early

Read all about it at Nola Rising

Here is an installment from WWL-TV on NOLA Rising’s art work

I’ve been driving around with camera in hand (when I remember to bring it) so here are some pictures of Radtke’s work – this is a montage in progress with more grey paint pictures coming

Looking at the pictures below of I-10 west before the 17th St. Canal, it just occurred to me – isn’t the interstate state/federal property? Then who is sanctioning Radtke to paint grey paint all over this graffiti? Plus that last picture of the bridge over the 17th street canal is partly in Jefferson Parish…

Drive around, Radtke’s mark is all over the place – the mark of a beast, out of control


~ by maringouin on Friday, May 23, 2008.

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