ode to my companion

Last night it came to an end – my beloved dog, my companion of 13 years is gone. He had slowed down the last couple years with a weak heart, was valiant the past week during the decline and went peacefully in my arms. C and I brought him home and laid him to rest in the soft ground beneath the ginger in my backyard, burying him under the waning moon in the cool of the night…

I got him at 5 weeks old, and he was by my side the entire way. I remember his high energy and friendliness to all. Despite being a crazy hound, he was one of those dogs that never chewed or barked. He never was able to be left off the leash cause he’d run off, but he loved the water and enjoyed getting a bath. Thunder and rainstorms made him crazy, I wonder why some dogs go nuts as the foul weather passes. He was raised as a puppy around an aloof old cat, and I think he adopted her mannerisms of being distant and skittish – then again maybe it was just his breed.

But he loved to sit at my feet while I cooked, cause he always got scraps as I prepared the dish, plus ate whatever else hit the floor. And he would do this cute maneuver whenever he needed attention, he’d muscle his snout in the crook of my arm or weasel under my leg and wedge himself in the respective extremity until I stopped what I was doing to pet him and scratch his chin.

I remember his first encounter with snow, in New Mexico at a rest stop, and how he romped around in the white, trying to shake it off his paws and lick it from the ground. It was a special time those few years on the road with him in the mountains, a liberating time for me and he was there with me while we traveled all over the country…

There is a special place for you in heaven, and I will see you again…

…with love to my brave friend
January 13, 1995 – May 22, 2008

~ by maringouin on Thursday, May 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “ode to my companion”

  1. What a beautiful post. You gave a great dog a great life. My sincerest sympathies. I know what an awful feeling that is when it’s so raw.

  2. I’m so sorry, M. I hope you will see him again.

  3. I’m so sorry.

  4. thanks y’all, so much

  5. I’m sorry to read of your loss. Your beautiful tribute brought back memories of the dogs in my life who are now gone. There’s just nothing like the loyalty and love of a dog. Take care, hon.

  6. Watching your dog grow old is so sad, losing them is heartbreaking.

  7. Somebody once said it was a huge sacrifice we make when we take a dog as a pet, knowing that the typical life span of a dog is much less than our own, knowing that we will almost certainly outlive our pad-footed friends. But you know, I think we still come out ahead in the deal.



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