You just can’t have it both ways…

So while sipping coffee this morning and reading the latest Gambit Weekly, I encountered this editorial on the recent Creationism bill of the regular session. I then recalled another recent Gambit commentary from April 15, 2008 concerning keeping the motorcycle helmet law intact. This segment in the creationism commentary got me shaking my head.

After all the hard work that Gov. Bobby Jindal and lawmakers did to improve our state’s image by passing tough new ethics laws and lowering business taxes earlier this year, the last thing Louisiana needs now is to portray itself to the world as an intellectual backwater. The notion of separation of church and state is so fundamental to our system of government that the Founding Fathers — most if not all of whom were men of deep religious convictions — embedded it in the First Amendment…It is sad to watch our Legislature kowtow to those who want their own religious beliefs to shape public education. History has taught us how dangerous that can be. Centuries ago, the Inquisition placed Galileo under arrest for recognizing that the sun did not revolve around the earth. Here in Louisiana, we need only look back to 1987 to see what happened the last time the Legislature tried to inject religion into science class. The courts struck down the law that required “scientific creationism” to be taught alongside evolution. No doubt the Louisiana Science Education Act will meet the same fate — at great cost to taxpayers and to recent efforts to improve Louisiana’s image.

And then this recent editorial commentary by the Times Picayune concerning guns in colleges and vo-tech schools. Note italicized commentary below.

Rep. Wooton’s measure would not make campuses safer — in fact it would undermine efforts to do so by weakening existing prohibitions on weapons and tying the hands of school officials. That’s not a rational course of action, particularly at a time when safety and security are primary concerns of students and their parents.

Guns and students are a potentially volatile mix. Adjusting to the freedoms and responsibilities of college life proves daunting for some young people who might struggle with depression and other mental health issues or abuse alcohol. Adding guns to that equation isn’t smart and seems more likely to create dangerous situations than to forestall them.

So what is the point? The point is, the Times Picayune and the Gambit Weekly both endorsed the Republican for governor, as well as endorsing Republican candidates for elected offices. So if you’re going to stick your neck out and support candidates who are ideologically conservative, are pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-religion, then don’t you dare whine when these right wingers pass legislation that fails to consider common sense initiatives. Guns in school? Sure, lets give everyone a .38. Creationism? Yeah baby, fall on your knees and pray that fossils and wayward tails never existed. Intellectual backwater? Well what the hell did you expect T-P and Gambit editors, endorsing these wankers would then bend them to your more liberal, sensitive, rational beliefs? Ha ha ha…

Many many people read T-P and Gambit and rely on their supposedly “unbiased” endorsements for voting guidance. They either don’t have the time, or maybe don’t care to research the issues themselves so the media opinion is digested and voted on. Exactly how much worse would this state be now if one of the other 3 candidates, Democrat or Independent would have received your endorsement? Someone more in sync with and who will likely support the opinions of those editorials. All three had significant business acumen, but y’all chose to toss your hat into the ring of the gypsy office hopping “y” crowd. And now you weakly bleat within your irrelevant editorials supporting liberal causes? Shut up and deal with it the next four years, you made the bed, so tough it out…


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.

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