singing the brake tag blues

So C went to get his brake tag renewed today. Last year was such a cluster that he was bound and determined to get it done early to avoid the “oh gee we ran out of rejection stickers” phenomenon.

He went to the station by Esplanade and Bayou St. John near the Shell station. The first thing was they took his money, $25.00 with a receipt given in return. After waiting in line, of course the inspector found something wrong immediately, it was his cabin light. He left, drove around and got a bulb to replace it and when he went back there were 10 deep. By the time he got to the front of the line, this time it was the actual brake tags that the inspector ran out of. So she told C to come back around 1:00 pm and by that time there should be more tags.

So he calls, the inspector told him they got more tags and he went back around 12:30. Of course there was another line about 10 deep and when he got to the front, the initial inspector WAS ON HER LUNCH BREAK and another inspector was bound and determined to make C jump through all those hoops again.

The American governmental and corporate phenomenon, of the wheels of progress grinding to a screeching halt because of the sacred lunch hour is astounding. I’ll bet trillions of dollars have been wasted in the work force because of this abomination.

Back to the brake tag. C protests to the “lunchtime replacement” brake tag inspector, and he goes and summons the initial inspector. Well she comes off of her lunch break and proceeds to argue PUBLICLY with the other inspector about how C was already inspected, the fee was paid, the inspection was passed and to just dispense the brake tag already. By this time it was approximately 5 hours of a wasted day C spent to toss his pole into the clogged up wheels of New Orleans’ bureaucracy. What a fucking travesty – first thing out of his mouth was how hard it is to live in this city and his revisiting the thought of bailing. Make it this hard and people won’t come, people will leave, perhaps that is the intent of all this city hall constipation?

Next episode, fighting the assessors for an up-to-date property tax assessment.

~ by maringouin on Thursday, April 17, 2008.

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  1. Well, thanks to C. Ray, that’s how it is. Remember the good old days when 10 bucks extra saved time and energy?

    Look, it could have been worse. He could have come home to find his crippled dog shot to death. Count dem blessings.

  2. tru dat…

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