Oprah a no show for V to the 10th in New Orleans

So a couple months back, one of the women in my circle was all excited about going to the V to the Tenth performance in the Arena, and we bought a bunch of tickets to attend. If you don’t know what this is about, it is the tenth anniversary of the play The Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler. The event has been hawked as a once in a lifetime event, with a star studded cast converging in New Orleans to present a celebrity rendition of the play and honor the Katrina Warriors. C. Ray even proclaimed himself “a vagina friendly mayor”. The Katrina Warriors website even mentioned the recent death of Ashley Morris! There were healing-activist-yoga-beauty-art-refreshments-rest-rejuvenation-speakers all day Friday and Saturday at the Superdome, culminating in the ticketed event Saturday night.

The marquee celebrity who was to perform the newest monologue Miss Pat was Oprah Winfrey. Ensler adds a new monologue each year, and Miss Pat is the story of a New Orleans woman who survived Katrina, told her tale to Ensler, and Ensler chose to immortalize her in one of her monologues. Well Liz Mikel who staged The Angry Vagina monologue earlier, came back on the stage to perform the newest monologue, and at the end Miss Pat herself came up to great applause. Soon after the Miss Pat segment, Eve Ensler came to the stage and apologized to the audience saying that “Oprah was terribly ill and was unable to make the event this evening.” Soon as she said that, the crowd went silent, the energy immediately left the arena and then within the next few minutes the audience began leaving. Mind you, there still were more musical performances by Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Charmaine Neville, The New Orleans Gospel Choir and the rest of the entourage all coming on stage to close the evening, but the crowd was not happy and plenty people walked out.

Part of me says, oh, poor Oprah, she was so busy, she got sick and couldn’t make it, too bad – then the other side of me says, well fuck that, Oprah could have hopped on her plane at 7pm, flew in and out quickly and been back home and in bed by 2am. After all, tomorrow is Sunday, the “day of rest”. There were several other no shows – Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Glenn Close, but the glaring absence was Oprah. Personally I don’t care about her at all, but I know there are many women that set great store by Oprah and I felt in the crowd a collective slap in the face from her no show. Plus, why didn’t they announce this at the beginning of the show? I sure am glad I didn’t fork out $1000 to sit in the intimate circle and not have Oprah come. What a shame…

~ by maringouin on Sunday, April 13, 2008.

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  3. I went last night and feel like I was taken for a ride in regards to my money. We paid good money for our tickets, $127.00 each. The main reason was to see Oprah. I almost feel the need to demand my money back. But, don’t know if I can do that…Not cool at all what they did in regards to the line up.

  4. OH NO!!!!!!!! I didn’t go because Oprah was going to be there. She didn’t show? Damn it.

  5. I left right after she announced Oprah’s failure to come, but I didn’t leave because I was pissed, I left because I thought the show was over and didn’t was to deal with the horrifying amounts of traffic. She started giving special thanks to different people and I think everyone thought that the show was over! I am a little upset that Oprah couldn’t make it, but it was still a fun night without her, not to mention a good cause. If you’re pissed because Oprah wasn’t there, you need to check yourself – they had Dr. Denis Mukwege there for God’s sake! That alone made it worth it to me.

  6. Check myself, hehehe – guess you didn’t read in the post that I really don’t care for Oprah – however I know Oprah is popular and I do feel for the women who went expecting her to be there and she stood them up

    Liz Mikel’s Angry Vagina segment was the highlight of the night for me “pussy motherfucker”

  7. What about all the others who didn’t come? No explanation or mention of them was given. It was for a good cause and i don’t want my money back but I felt like it should be announced that
    Glenn Close, Jessica Alba, and many others were advertised as taking part but were not there. i traveled from Florida to see the show. I could have just donated the money.

  8. Good to see you on Friday, and it should have been announced before the show that these folks weren’t gonna be there after all. That’s only the courteous thing to do – and the Monologues is good WITHOUT having to have all those no-shows involved. Let grown women make their own decisions after such an announcement.

    Hell, if V-Day is about respect for women, why can’t Eve Ensler and Co. practice what they preach?

  9. I went with my wife and I enjoyed myself. I LOVED Liz Mikel (and especially her response to Jennifer Beals and her performance….)

    As for being sick, one time I flew while sick and nearly blew an eardrum out. I don’t begrudge anyone for choosing not to fly while sick.

    I was a little bugged about the arena not planning for the disproportionate number of women to men. Read more about that at my blog….

  10. Twas good to see you too last Friday L – sounds like Ashley had a proper send off.

    Didn’t notice the bathroom backup Dan – I was glued to my seat. C came with me Friday afternoon to the Dome and said he felt welcomed – he didn’t perceive any hostility. We hung out in the lounge and drank watermelon-cucumber-mint smoothies.

  11. Well, I didn’t feel hostility either. I was just a tad bit shocked when I went to the bathroom.

  12. no doubt…

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