chapter 13 – a letter from Citizens

So yay, Allstate is going to reinstate me – I guess that is good news, Jarvis DeBerry however makes a few points to the contrary. But I’ll take what I can get and a promise of replacement value at a cheaper price is better than a split-policy at depreciated value payouts anyday.

So I’m thinking positive thoughts when lo and behold, I get a letter from Citizens today. In it, with a due date of 2/22/08, is a notice for premium payment of the entire remaining balance due, $727 and some change. Please note the date I received this, one day AFTER the due date on the bill. I was told by my agent that after the initial payment to Citizens, the next premium wouldn’t be due for 2 months, and hopefully that would be time enough to reinstate the Allstate wind and hail coverage. But no, that would be way too easy and of course notification would just happen to arrive on a Saturday when nothing can be done. What the heck are they smoking over at the Fair Plan?


~ by maringouin on Sunday, February 24, 2008.

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