C Ray lose it…

…on WWL-TV this morning

Is he trying to intimidate everyone into leaving him alone? If he wants to be left alone, then he should just quit…

God bless Sally Ann Roberts for not missing a beat and treating him gently in his delicate condition – she adeptly lowered her voice to a non-threatening octave, a typical tactic used in communicating with out of control psychiatric patients – note her sweet, soothing parting words “get well soon Mayor”

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Paulsen: 2008 started out with a boom. Do you feel you get the kind of credit you deserve for that?

Nagin: My disappointment is the way some in the media are handling me personally…Our local newspaper for example had me pointing a gun at the police chief, this got all over the internet, all over the nation, and is now sitting on the most racist web sites in America, hate groups now have that picture, so now I am personally more at risk, my family is more at risk.

And I’m a little upset with this station cause you advertising about the ratings, about what’s getting ready to happen with my schedule, you put my personal schedule out there, I am coming back to the station and me and your news director are going to be out in the parking lot having a good one on one.

You do not put my family at risk.

Paulsen: This was a schedule from last year.

Nagin: I don’t care. That schedule has formal stuff on it. It has patterns on it and now you have these Aryan race people focused on me and you have some mental cases out in this community and you’re getting ready to put my schedule out there. Where are the other elected official’s schedule? Are you going to do a follow up on that? This has gone beyond the point of reasonableness.

Paulsen: You have to understand that you’ve been a lightning rod.

Nagin: I am sick of this. I have busting my butt bringing this city back. We’re getting ready to get into 2008 and it’s going to be more than a tipping point. This city will go to the next level. This is ridiculous. It’s personal. It’s vindictive. The election is over. If you supported somebody else, get over it.

Paulsen: Would you do anything different, looking back?

Nagin: I don’t know. Nobody has ever done this. Nobody has taken a city from being totally devastated to where we are now. I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve alienated some people who have significant influence in this community and they are relentlessly trying to destroy and undermine me and I don’t appreciate it.

Roberts: People who are listening to you speak, people who care about you, may be worried about you because of your emotional state.

Nagin: Because it’s crossed the line Sally, it’s gotten personal now. I don’t appreciate the fact that I’m being exposed and my family is being exposed now. That was not part of this deal.

Paulsen: You’ve gotten a lot of heat over the past couple of years. I’ve never seen you this emotional.

Nagin: Well because, your newscast, the local newspapers, are feeding these awful, ugly talk shows that are feeding these blogs. If you go look at some of these blogs out there and some of the stories that come from the paper and you read the comments, it’s some of the most vile, angry, people that I’ve ever seen in this community.

Paulsen: Are you concerned about your safety.

Nagin: I’ve got coverage. If somebody approach me wrong, I’m going to cold cock them. That’s the bottom line. You can come with that foolishness if you want, but you’ll see a side of Ray Nagin that you haven’t seen.

Roberts: There are people who are in the hot seat all over the country and they may have complaints about how they are perceived, because as a public official, as the leader of this city, you’re going to get some complaints. That goes with the job.

Nagin: You don’t take a position where I’ve got a gun pointing up to the roof that has total safety control and I move it to put it down and you put a picture of me looking like I’m going to shoot the doggone police chief and say I’m getting ready to do something to him. Paulsen: Even the paper said it was a cheap shot.

Nagin: Yeah, but they apologized in print and nothing on the Internet.

Paulsen: Will you ever pick up a gun again?

Nagin: In a different capacity, maybe.

Paulsen: We’ve done a number of interviews over the years and no matter what the controversy, you’ve always kept your composure and kind of almost laughed it off.

Nagin: Well this is different. I kind of let my emotions to come out after the storm because I saw so many people suffering…and this, I see police officers getting shot because of somebody has a mental issue and I see this picture and I see you guys putting my schedule. This is just crossing the line as far as I’m concerned.

Roberts: If you could say something right now about how you’re planning to handle your position of power. Can you act appropriately in the emotional state that you’re in right now.

Nagin: There’s no doubt about it. I’ll get over this in a moment. I just needed to get this out and let the public know this has crossed the line.

Roberts: You say this is personal and why would anyone here or at any other media establishment be after you personally. It’s not you personally.

Nagin: That’s not true Sally. It’s me. It’s Ray Nagin. They’re putting my picture in a position that totally distorts the truth.

Paulsen: The schedule that is in Lee’s report, as I understand it is last year’s schedule.

Nagin: Yeah, but you’ve never done this. You’ve never done this and I want to see a follow up. I want to see every elected official’s schedule.

Paulsen: I hear from a lot of reporters, press people, they say that the mayor is just not accessible to the media.

Nagin: How much more accessible can I be? You ask me to come on every other week on this show, I’ve done that.

Paulsen: You’ve been very good about that.

Nagin: I’m out in the community. Look, I can only do so much when I’m doing, leading a major recovery like this. I have to be in Washington, D.C. I have to be all over the place. For you to say I’m not accessible is a gross…

Roberts: Do you respond when reporters say they’re working on stories about you, do you respond?

Nagin: As far as I know. I’ve given every reporter access to me that needs it, but if you’re a talk show kind of groupie thing…

Paulsen: I believe Lee Zurik said he tried to get you to respond to his story and you did not.

Nagin: I don’t know anything about that. I’ve done stories with Lee in the past and will do stories in the future with him, but my personal schedule, the schedule of the mayor, that has security implications, to me is just way across the line. You know, he said he was doing this because there was this talk about me being in Texas more than I’m in New Orleans, now you’re not even talking about that, now you’re just on to whether I’m working hard enough.

Paulsen: Are you?

Nagin: Absolutely. Absolutely. I don’t know if I can work any harder than I am right now.

Paulsen: Will anything change from the emotions you displayed today. Will anything change about Ray Nagin in the coming days?

Nagin: I don’t know. I’ll probably settle down and get to the business of the recovery. I’ll probably go talk to an attorney and the FBI about hate crimes and all that good stuff, but I’ll be back to business.

Roberts: Have you received any direct threats?

Nagin: I’m not going to get into that. I’m a fairly high profile person and I’ve made some pretty hard decisions and it’s made some people angry. So it is what it is.

Paulsen: I know you’ve told me privately that things couldn’t be better for the city in many ways. If they weren’t what type of heat would you take then?

Nagin: I think it would be worse, but it seems like the better things get in the community, the more intense some are on accentuating negatives. That’s crazy.

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