II Tony’s Restaurant and the Army Corps of Engineers

So its Valentine’s Day, whoo hoo – C and I fed into the red day hype by having a romantic dinner at II Tony’s. I promised him I’d buy him dinner if he helped me rehang my wooden fence gate that was ripped off by Mother Nature this past Tuesday during the wicked storms…but that’s another story.

We went early and as soon as we walked into the door, there was a big sign under the hostess’ station – Sign this petition to help prevent the ACoE from seizing the land under II Tony’s as part of the 17th Street Canal pumping station. The young man explained that the ACoE already had all the pumps in place and the ACoE was just being greedy trying to “eminent domain” II Tony’s. So of course C and I signed…

Anyone in the area near II Tony’s please stop in and add your signature to their petition if you deem this a worthy cause…

~ by maringouin on Thursday, February 14, 2008.

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  1. thats for sure, brother

  2. The corp has been exceptioanlly responsive to the petition thanks to people like you. We believe that things are looking up.However, we still invite community support.

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