chapter 7 – in good hands

So last Saturday I read the initial story in the TP on Allstate, and how they are treating their policy holders like kryptonite. Thursday described the followup story. Well as soon as I saw the story last Saturday, I immediately grabbed all my proper documents, made copies, filled out the Louisiana Department of Insurance complaint form, and high tailed it to the post office to get the damn envelope postmarked with delivery confirmation on 1/12/08. I did this for fear of PBJ issuing an executive decree kissing the insurance industry’s ass as soon as he was inaugurated on Monday 1/14/08, and my complaint subsequently circling the drain because of his command. I can be squirrelly like that, overcompensating, but one never knows what’s behind door #3 in the gret stet…

So all week long, I’ve been calling the insurance commission’s consumer affairs department. Well today was the third-times-a-charm and I got this woman on the other end who was squealing with glee about going after the good hands. She was positively giddy as she reported in detail how she entered my case into the system, reported who my case manager was and then, wait, wait, wait, hang on something came through…………well looky here seems like the case manager filed a MISCONDUCT COMPLAINT AGAINST ALLSTATE for dropping my homeowner’s ass out into the cold and gave them a deadline of 14 DAYS to reply. I was tickled pink to hear her delight and I was gushing over the phone and laughing with her, in awe of their long arm that could, maybe, possibly reinstate my wind and hail, and oh by the way omit that 2% hurricane deductible while you’re at it and, and, and…well you get the picture.

Even if I get no redress from this incident, and my policy doesn’t get back whole again, its the fact that I filed a complaint through the proper channels and got someone who actually seemed to care and take up the fight against corporate America and their cheating ass, lying ass, evil ass ways. May the good hands, all of them, burn in hell

~ by maringouin on Friday, January 18, 2008.

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  1. Hey, wish I had found you sooner. What a beautiful space. Whao. Still placed this post onto today’s Ladder though. Always great to hear from the slight of hands people.
    Thanks for checkin us out,
    editor~NO News Ladder

  2. right on, hey thanks for the linky πŸ™‚

  3. Damn, honey, no wonder you feel a bit like somebody’s died with the advent of this admin in Baton Rouge. I’m glad you were proactive on this thing. Be well.

  4. thanks leigh, everything’s gonna be OK {~{~{hands you a flower}~}~}

  5. We bought a house in June of 05 (great timing) and had coverage with the “good hands.” Had 3 feet of water during Katrina and promptly had our wind and hail coverage dropped by Allstate in September 2005. We’re now paying $1,800 a year to Allstate just to make sure our house doesn’t burn down and another $900 to Citizens for wind and hail. Of course, Allstate didn’t have to pay us a dime after Katrina, as our flood insurance policy paid. I’m just curious–did you file your complaint for a similar reason–just for being dropped by Allstate for wind and hail? I’m wondering if I should do the same, or if it’s way too late to do so. Like you said, nothing may come of it, but I’d at least like the satisfaction of filing a complaint.

    And by the way, love your site.

  6. I would definitely file a complaint A – go to the link in the post, download it and send it in – even if we get no satisfaction, it tells Allstate that we’re not going to roll over and play dead for them despite their bullying tactics.

    thanks for the kind words, I’ll add you to the blogroll πŸ™‚

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