chapter 3 – exclusion

Important Notice
Your Property Policy Excludes Coverage for Loss from Windstorm or Loss from Hail

Effective with this premium period your property policy includes a new endorsement which excludes coverage for loss from windstorm or hail. The new endorsement is enclosed in this mailing package.

Please note that this Important Notice is only a summary and is not a part of your policy. For detailed information about the coverage provided by your policy, please read the policy, including the Policy Declarations, the enclosed Windstorm or Hail Exclusion endorsement, and any other applicable endorsements.

Please keep in mind that you must obtain windstorm and hail coverage through another provider. Louisiana has a program called Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation that may be able to provide you with this coverage.* So you may want to speak to your agent or representative at your earliest convenience about this program.
If you have any questions regarding this change to your policy, please call

Windstorm or Hail Exclusion
For a reduction in premium:

We do not cover any loss to any property covered by this policy caused by or consisting of Windstorm or Hail. Such loss is excluded regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any sequence to the loss.

We do cover sudden and accidental direct physical loss caused by fire or explosion resulting from Windstorm or Hail

I wonder why (W)indstorm and (H)ail are capitalized, not to mention (E)xclusion?

life on the mosquito coast is fucking great, ain’t it


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