little pink houses

Before January 7, 2008, if you get a chance drive to the lower 9th to see the pink houses courtesy of make it right nola. Especially moving is to see the display at night, like C and I just did…

We were in silent awe of the groupings of “homes” – the exhibit strikingly resembled a neighborhood in spirit, especially from afar. As we crossed the Claiborne bridge it is easy to see the pink “homes” to the left, and once off the bridge there are signs directing vehicles through the exhibit of approximately 200 or more “homes”.

I had been unable to bring myself to drive through the area where the Industrial Canal breeched until now. Sure we’d been to Holy Cross, and down to St. Bernard many times, however I somehow felt it disrespectful to drive down Tennessee street, as if it violated the privacy of the people who owned homes in that neighborhood, and especially irreverent of the memories of all those that lost their lives after choosing to remain behind and “ride it out”.

But Brad Pitt has somehow found a humble way to honor those who lost their homes and bring attention to the need of funding to help those that want to return rebuild their lives. There were a smattering of maybe half a dozen occupied trailers, pioneers that want to be there, setting the stage for others who wish for the same. I cannot speak for the former residents of the lower 9 and their opinions of this display, but it appears to have been created to honor their unfathomable circumstances, as opposed to being a parody.

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  1. Your photo is so fantastic!…the best one I’ve seen of the Pink Project. I’m hoping to get over there over the next few days.

    I wonder if Brad got the pink house idea from this fine song.

  2. I cannot claim the photo, it is a picture from the Times Picayune. But as you can see from the picture, the nighttime is the best time to see the homes – you can peek underneath some of them as you pass and see the pink lights glowing.

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