so that’s where NOJHF got the $800,000 to pay for Rod Stewart

from Louisiana taxpayers pockets

and the Essence Festival

and the Voodoo Festival

“For instance, a detailed budget submitted by Voodoo producer Stephen Rehage for his 2005 event shows a cost of $42,025 under the line item “film and video,” out of a total budget of more than $1 million.”

and this makes the pill even harder to swallow

“This year for their 2007 festivals, Jazzfest was pre-certified for about $2.9 million and Essence was pre-certified for nearly $1.9 million. The credits for those festivals have not yet been awarded but are expected to be…’We don’t think it would be fair — when they had planned and budgeted based on their ‘precerts’ — to change,’ McConnell said. ‘If we had an agreement, we’re going to stand with our agreement.'”

I can think of hundreds of other places, much more worthy causes, to spend all that money

Wow…I can hardly afford to go to Jazz Fest anymore, and now my hard paid Louisiana taxes are funding the turistas passing a good time? That’s just staggering…


~ by maringouin on Sunday, December 9, 2007.

One Response to “so that’s where NOJHF got the $800,000 to pay for Rod Stewart”

  1. it’s not only staggering- it’s shameful.
    ( and to fund a British( les Goddams!) Rod Stewart to sing!!??!)
    When locals in a historically French colony need to be a part of their cultural recovery and cannot afford to participate!!!
    Shame, shame, shame, on nojhf!
    I stopped going to the fest when they put cars under tents on the infield…
    Vote with your feet…
    support local musicians during the year, at local venues, not just once a year… and if you are from out of town, watch them when they come to your town…
    If Rod Stewart had donated that $800,000 to fund houses for local musicians-
    now wouldn’t that be a ” Wonderful World”?

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