Beowulf, po-boy festival and the marsh fires

With all the stuff to do this weekend, C and I decided to cram alot into Sunday’s daylight, instead of watching the Saints who lost to the Texans 23-10 anyway. So we went to catch the early matinee of Beowulf. The Times Picayune summed up a review here and it was alright for a morning’s escapism. It brought back memories of high school literature, and suprisingly enough I recalled more of the story than I thought I would. Like the TP review said, the characters were stiff but the movie was somewhat watchable and of course C got to oogle the Jolie.

Next stop was the po-boy festival. We got there in the thick of the afternoon, around 2:30. It felt like Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, with people shoulder to shoulder. Lines for po-boys were an hour long wait, plus 6″ po-boys were around $8. The crowds started to freak me out, so we took a detour down Dante Street to get away from the people. As we walked the neighborhood, what did I encounter but New Orleans’ finest, the Meter Maids. It was disheartening to see them; New Orleans hosting an event to draw the crowds and the blood suckers from City Hall out to double-bleed the unsuspecting citizenry who were only out to pass a good time. Figures…

So after getting all squirrely maneuvering the crowds, C and I got into the truck and headed east. We had been talking about taking a drive for a few days, so we went out Hayne Boulevard to check out the camp pilings by Little Woods. We saw a couple of men cast netting by the levee road, which was blocked off with a chain so we had to walk instead of drive up to the levee. Afterward we headed south on Paris Rd./I-510 to Chef Highway/Highway 90. We drove east, passing Venetian Isles, and the further we went we could see all the marsh fires along the road. It was surreal to see the fire line, then as we passed it we saw the burned marsh which will hopefully regenerate in the spring. We didn’t even drop a fishing line into the water, the fires were so enthralling. I know fire can be a good thing, adding nutrients to the soils, but one wonders if these marshes will regenerate. As we turned north onto LA 433, we saw many more numerous patches of fire, leading one to believe that these marshes will be burning for a long, long time. Guess there won’t be much duck hunting out in the east this season.

here are some of the marsh fire pictures taken along US 90, slightly blurry

and the last picture, liquefied

Dare I say, I was much more at home surrounded by the burning marshes in the middle of nowhere than squished like a sardine in the middle of Oak Street at the po-boy fest…


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  1. I usually drive 433/US90 to work. I find it fascinating that less than 20 miles away is New Orleans were thousand different things are going on. The duck hunters have plenty of places to practice their sport. Heck, I hear them out my back door way up here in Slidell.

  2. its a beautiful drive and the area along Hwy 90 looks like its really coming back – C wants a fishing camp out that way so bad, I hope we can pull it off someday – if not out east NOLA, then perhaps buried somewhere in the Atchafalaya Basin

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