a small piece buried on page A-17 of the TP

got me off and running this morning

A Kenner letter carrier admitted Wednesday to dumping 985 pieces of mail in a trash bin on Idaho Avenue instead of delivering them.

Nathan Williams, 31, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to delaying or destroying mail. He faces as many as five years in prison, although maximum sentences are rare for first offenders.

His actions unraveled when a construction worker called a Kenner post office on Jan. 30 to report a large pile of mail in a Dumpster outside 2536 Idaho Ave. Investigators traced the mail to Williams’ route. When confronted by federal agents, Williams admitted throwing out the mail, which included 532 pieces labeled first class.

Neither Williams nor his attorney could be reached Wednesday.

I am in Kenner quite often for personal reasons and I have had plenty opportunity to frequent the 70065 post office located at 390 W. Esplanade Ave., next door to Wally World (Wal-Mart). This post office is one of THE WORST in providing service to the public. Pre-storm there were 2-3 window employees with baaaaaaad attitudes that kept the lines moving at a snails pace. Post-storm found these employees gone and replaced with new employees – HOWEVER the postmaster at 70065, and who’s office actually resides at the 70062 Williams location is never around to keep tabs on what’s going on at W. Esplanade. So in the middle of lunch hour and 30 minutes before closing and at random times throughout the day there is always a line of 12-15-18 people waiting to make P.O. transactions with only 2 employees to move that line along. It takes a MINIMUM of 30 minutes, sometimes 45 to conduct business at the 70065 post office at all times of the day. And of course one can hear all kinds of commotion in the background while wondering why won’t some of those folks in the back come out front and help out? With that said, such a hands off, head-in-the-sand postmaster, one is hardly surprised that the letter carriers in those zip codes are dumping mail into the trash.

This is the stuff that missed last notifications, missed mortgage payments, missed legal notices result in hardship for average joe and jane. I hope that carrier has a very long time in jail to think about this, as well as a wake-up call for the 70062/70065 postmaster.

~ by maringouin on Thursday, November 15, 2007.

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  1. First Offense? They give him another chance to throw mail away?

  2. pretty scary, huh – I’ll bet his sentence gets suspended

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