k-ville gumbo par-tay

since k-ville will be no more real soon, I put together a seafood gumbo* recently and have 6 people coming over any minute to have gumbo and watch the show – there is coconut cream pie for dessert

gotta celebrate while k-ville is still on the air, only two more Mondays left after today

* see seafood gumbo recipe in the recipe section – the coconut cream pie was easy – Ritz pre-made pie shell baked, put in a mixture of Lucky coconut pie filling and Jello coconut pudding and top it off with extra creamy Cool-Whip and a sprinkle of nutmeg


~ by maringouin on Monday, November 12, 2007.

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  1. on the off chance that you’re checking right now–do you know the shop where Marlin goes for gumbo?

  2. No I don’t remember where Marlin went for gumbo – most of the places he went to during the series seemed fictitious, none of the names stood out as currently open local places

    I recall him cooking most of the food he talked about himself – the cast wrote a cookbook from the series, I hope they publish it

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