the grey ghost

C and I went to the Freret Market this morning to see what was happening. As we walked about, I recognized Chicory and spoke to him at length (nicetomeetya!) about things and blogs New Orleans. Afterwards as we wandered back towards the entrance, I saw a display of shrimp po-boys painted on beaded board. I recognized them and began chatting to the proprietor, realizing it was the skeleton krewe.

We talked for a bit and I commented on his skeleton cans and he very generously gave me one – merci beaucoup. The subject of the grey ghost came up while we talked and I asked them to tell me the story behind the grey ghost. I know I am probably years behind in the know about this character, but I wanted to find out about him I guess later than sooner. Both C and skeleton krewe told me how the grey ghost was initially sanctioned by City Hall to eradicate graffiti, but in post-Katrina times the grey ghost had morphed into an out of control graffiti obliterator – even worse than the graffiti artists themselves

Now why would someone prevent someone else from earning a livelihood by blocking out their business information, especially hindering the process of rebuilding the city?

Things are bad enough here, why make it more toxic? And why would someone turn an already dull and drab and depressing New Orleans landscape into a hideous monochrome? A campaign is afoot to stop the Grey Ghost, here’s how to contribute to this cause du jour

sick of the grey ghost?

stop the grey ghost



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  1. There’s a “BAD FRED” Flickr group too:

  2. […] Swamp Woman also met him at the November Freret Market where they discussed the Grey Ghosts’ dubious beginnings and nefarious mission in life – it’s a good read so go there for the explanation. […]

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