more tales of Katrina rebuilding

Its been awhile since I’ve updated on C’s rebuilding saga – first off he had an electrician come and finish the work and actually got Entergy to come out and hook up the meter within two weeks after completion. So he has juice to the cabin. However the electrician failed to wire the house for a couple of outside lights in the front and back and also neglected to drop outlets on the entire wall of one side of the house. I asked C to tell the electrician to get it done before the walls sealed up, but I guess men just don’t think of aesthetic stuff like not having extension cords snaked all across the floors. C’est la vie, at least he has power now.

As far as the plumbers – if you get some shit talking, chain smoking, abrasive plumber by the name of Ramel cross your threshold, kick him back out to the curb. Ramel’s helper (another C, we’ll call him by the name of C#2) was working on the house down the block from C’s, and C got him to come take a look at his place and ask if he could do the work. Well C#2 comes over, gives him a price (of course nothing is in writing with gypsy subcontractors) and they start working. Two sinks, one toilet and a shower, plus the plumbing and sewer drop underneath, not too much one would think? But no, C#2 starts the work and in the midst of the big job Ramel turns up and starts mouthing off with obscenity laced crap about how man this is only a price for the rough in, the toilet will cost $125, the sinks $75 each, the shower $175 to finish it all, blah blah blah. So C was fit to be tied and sheepishly objected to the tack-ons. Well the plumbers left the finish work hanging but I begged C to call them and get it done. And now this week when C called C#2 to schedule his cell phone has been disconnected. Muthafucka…..

Guess C will have to continue using a 5 gallon bucket with kitty litter until he can get someone else out there and finish the job since his trailer is long gone…


~ by maringouin on Thursday, November 1, 2007.

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  1. Hang in there C! It was a pleasure meeting you both today.

  2. nice to meet you too – hope your gig was profitable today – also got to meet the skeleton krewe around the corner

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