Mike Foster mustn’t like PBJ anymore

from the Lafayette Democrat

“Here’s the story, exactly the way I heard it.

Mike Foster was in Bobby Jindal’s hotel room election night, when it was reported that Jindal would win in the first primary.

Forster, who isn’t noted for tact or brains, began to rattle off a list of “must-dos” for Governor–elect Jindal.

Jindal, who is noted for brains, but not much else, spun around and abruptly reminded Foster, “Mike, I’m the governor, not you.”

On hearing the rebuke, Foster, who wouldn’t take an insult from a macho-man, mush less from wunderkind-Jindal, promptly stormed out of Jindal’s hotel room.

Rumor has it that Republican Mike Francis, Foster’s nemesis, is behind Jindal’s revolt from Foster. The Republican reactionary-right has sent a message to Jindal: Another young snot nosed political upstart, Charles Elson “Buddy” Roemer, III, didn’t toe the line and had a short political career as Louisiana’s 57th Governor.”


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, October 24, 2007.

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