Gambit Weekly is also drunk on Jindal kool-aid

read the link and weep

perhaps I should clarify, has Clancy DuBos ingested the kool-aid, cause in the same Gambit issue, Jeremy Alford put this piece out on Jindal

I wonder if the Baton Rouge Advocate is drunk too?


~ by maringouin on Monday, October 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Gambit Weekly is also drunk on Jindal kool-aid”

  1. So much for the so called “liberal media”.

  2. no kidding Dan

    I tried to search the Advocate to see if they endorsed Jindal, maybe they haven’t put their endorsements out yet – an attempted search of archived op-eds prompted a payment to the paper’s website

  3. […] Gambit to endorse someone else? Of course, “they” have taken a huge gulp of the Jindal Kool Aid if “they” really believe Jindal will be the kind of Governor that will bring positve […]

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