the Times Picayune is drunk on the Jindal kool-aid

So this morning I open up the Sunday Times Picayune wondering what pearls I can find today, and on the op-ed page there is a huge gubernatorial endorsement, “Bobby Jindal for Governor” I was completely floored, not to mention livid that a newspaper such as the TP would even consider endorsing such a conservative candidate to run this state (perhaps into the ground). Snippets of the op-ed piece include “These monumental challenges call for an extraordinary leader…”, “He has a record of being inclusive, of attracting talent without regard to party or ideology”, “His energy and innovative approach to government are refreshing, as is his instinct for efficiency, business-friendly measures and job creation” (yeah service and technical jobs whoo hoo!!), a “strong ethical compass and a passion to make our state a better place” (sure, for the wealthy and the religious wingnuts), and on, and on, and on…

Giving an endorsement to such a conservative politician, one who so strongly supports Bush Administration policies that have hung this region out to dry, a politician that would just as soon see New Orleans sink into the Gulf of Mexico, a politician who supports intelligent design, fails to support health care funding for children through the state’s LaCHIP program, an advocate of censure of civil rights and on and on and on is anathema to what that paper has for months and months been very critical towards – conservative, greedy, restrictive entities that do not want to see this region revive. Plus the fact that the TP editorial staff is countering what alot of their reporters have been rallying against and subsequently standing up for the good of the people in southeast Louisiana, and not the elite chosen few which comprise Jindal’s voting base. I guess the TP really wants a change, a change that Jindal will bring to the detriment of the greater good of the citizens of the entire state, especially south Louisiana.


~ by maringouin on Sunday, October 7, 2007.

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  1. […] seems that they are still using the bad checkers, those who “drink the Bobby Jindal Kool Aid“, and they wound up endorsing Bobby Jindal for governor. Let’s go through their […]

  2. President Bush was so bad in 2004 that the T-P refused to endorse him. Yet, they endorse one of Bush’s goosestepping shills in Bobby Jindal. I see a failure in logic of the editorial staff of the T-P.

  3. The first draft of the endorsement read “These monumental challenges call for a swift ban on abortion and stem cell research and unswerving loyalty to the religious right-wing of the Republican Party. We should also stay the course and divert all that money being wasted on education and wetlands conservation into enhancing Catholic outreach to the utterly depraved.”

    I wish they had run with that version, ’cause everyone knows that’s what he really meant. I’d keep an eye on his Wikipedia entry over the next couple days. There’s bound to be some edits.

  4. […] a non-partisan list of Bobby Jindal’s positions. Here’s blog coverage of Bobby Jindal’s belief in intelligent design, and Bobby Jindal’s use of racist rhetoric in Jena. Bobby Jindal is bad has a thorough […]

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