a mockery of the Jena 6 beatings

A group of Louisiana college age students and a National Guardsman stage a reenactment of the Jena 6 beatings along the Red River near Alexandria. The Smoking Gun has the story, video and pictures, since the original post on the young woman’s Facebook account was yanked. A link found on The Dead Pelican also has another view on the matter. The University of Louisiana at Monroe will determine the outcome for the students in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct.

What is the disconnect that parents neglect to teach their children that this behavior is blatantly wrong? Or do these parents spew hatred within the privacy of their homes, perpetuating this thoughtlessness? In the example of these students, racism appears to be a learned behavior, and somehow, everywhere, this wrongly cultivated immorality has got to end.


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, October 3, 2007.

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