The funniest thing heard on the debate tonight

During the quick fire round, one of the panelists Robin Eckins asked John Georges about participating in fundraising, and Georges responded at the end “In the runoff, all of Jindal’s supporters will be supporting me instead”.

I spit water all over the floor and laughed out loud when I heard Georges say that.

Quick take on the debate

Campbell’s demeanor belies the old politician/statesman of old, but the only thing I liked him say was elimination of the state income tax – however it would make great spectacle and be great fun to see him up on the stump politicking like the Huey Long of old, getting the crowd rocking and reeling.

Georges was focused and took the edge compared to Boasso and Campbell in dishing out barbs on Jindal.

Boasso came across as a likeable guy, he was composed and stood up to Jindal reassuring him that he was indeed not corrupt – when asked, he said he would not pardon EWE and in turn I uttered a silent amen.

Jindal slinked at the end of the table, shoulders hunched over, mouthing generic political platitudes, looking like a wussy. His convoluted advocacy of intelligent design was nauseating. I simply cannot picture him the next governor after sitting beside the other three.

Next debate, October 13, LPB stations and the topic is healthcare.


~ by maringouin on Thursday, September 27, 2007.

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